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Wireless Microphones Like Choosing The Best

Are there many types of wireless microphones that I should choose? 

The most marked differences are the price and quality of the sound, VHF systems must use signals at frequencies close to those of the radio (30Mhz to 300Mhz), the police, firefighters and taxi radios, (which may cause sometimes cross paths and you can hear one of the aforementioned devices in your receiver of your VHF microphones ).

UHF microphones are more expensive than VHF microphones , but if you are starting your equipment and UHF microphones are very expensive , VHF microphones are a good option to do your job efficiently and at a good price.

In UHF microphones it has less interference in general because of its ultra-high frequency (300Mhz to 3Ghz), and offer better sound.

Another difference between the UHF and VHF wireless microphone systems is that the UHF signals   give more operating distance, which means that the microphones extend further, between receiver and microphone.


Recommendations for the use of wireless microphones

It is recommended that you use them without metal objects clogging between receiver and transmitter, since these objects reflect the signal waves, and decreases the operating distance.

Which one to choose? Without a doubt, UHF microphones are the best choice in wireless microphones, but if your budget is low, VHFs are a good option to start working, most of the light and sound start with these microphones, they provide the service and they work very well.

Operating frequencies: Each microphone has a specific operating frequency, say 254.3 MHz, if you are going to use several wireless microphones in the same place to avoid interference you should use microphones with different frequencies because if they repeat, you have 2 or more microphones that transmit on the same frequency, interference occurs and we must avoid that.

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