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Studio Microphones Like Choosing The Best:

Studio microphones, when you want to set up a recording studio either home or for professional recordings, the microphones you are going to use are very important because the microphone is responsible for converting the sounds of the instruments or voices into what will be the final recording.

For studies where the highest quality in the recording of the sounds is required, the use of condenser microphones is recommended, the condenser is an electronic arrangement that allows to capture the sounds in much better quality than the most common microphones, which are the mobile coil , however condenser microphones require a power supply called PHANTOM + 48V that must be delivered by your mixer and not all mixers have that feature.

Below we present a photo of what the phantom button looks like in a mixer and some of the mixers that we use in our store with this feature.

If you are looking to make personal recordings and only one voice or instrument, for example to record locucion or radio on the internet, where you do not require more than a single microphone, you do not need a mixer of that type, there are some condenser microphones, which connect to the usb port of your computer and take from the usb port the power supply required to operate these are the so-called USB condenser microphones.

The software with which you can make your recordings is the cool edit pro, the audacity, even the sound recorder of windows since your computer recognizes the microphone as a USB sound card, you only select the microphone as your default audio source for be able to record.

Amplified baffles How to choose the best?

When we talk about amplified speakers there are many features that we may not understand, such as 8, 10, 12, 15 rechargeable with 12V input, laptops, with wireless microphone, with bluetooth, with usb, with tripie, without triplets, wats rms, watts pmpo etc, etc, in this article we explain you what those characteristics are, so that you know how to choose the amplified baffles more convenient for you.

What does it mean to be 8 “, 10”, 12 “or 15” inches? A. That number is the measure in inches of diameter of the main loudspeaker, the larger the size, the louder and heavier they are, the more popular sizes are the 15-inch loudspeakers that are the most purchased loudspeakers to rent at parties or events .

However, boys like 8 and 10 “are light and easy to move, they are ideal solutions for people who need to move their baffle from one place to another, ideal for small conferences, for rehearsals of dance groups, clowns, merolicos , karaoke in small places, etc.

Currently in our store we have baffles of 8, 12 and 15 inches, if you want to buy in our store we send to all Mexico by parcel service. Click on the following image to see our catalog of amplified speakers.

Which is better, with or without integrated wireless microphone? We recommend that you do not have the built-in wireless microphone since many times the microphones are lost, dropped or damaged, in addition to requiring batteries, our recommendation is that you buy a wired or wireless microphone that is sold separately for avoid problems.

What is the use of the one with bluetooth? A bluetooth speaker allows you to connect it to your cell phone, tablet, ipad or laptop that has bluetooth wirelessly so the music you play on your device will be heard wirelessly, this makes them very comfortable for parties at home where you have your wifi, and you play music from youtube.

What is the USB or SD function for? Baffles that have USB or SD inputs there you can connect a usb or SD card that has mp3 files, and plays the music directly from your memory so you do not have to be changing the songs manually connecting your computer or cell , so you put all your favorite mp3 songs in a memory, insert it in your baffle and enjoy your party.

What is the tripie for? The music when it collides with objects is attenuated, that is, if you put a baffle in front of you and cover the path of music with your body, the one that is behind you will not hear like you, will listen to the music a little less clear and so between more people or obstacles between the baffle and your ears.

When you put the loudspeakers on a tripie, more above the head of your audience, the sound spreads better and everyone listens more clearly and strongly. It is highly recommended that you buy a tripie, in our store we have some packages  where you can buy a baffle with tripie , and we send all Mexico by courier.

If you want to buy a tripie we pass the tripies catalog of our page www.sonarmx.comWe send all Mexico by parcel service.SS-001 Tripie

What are the RMS watts and the PMPO Watts? The watts pmpo (peak maxium power output) Peak power output, are a measure of the maximum power that supports a horn for a moment before burning, that is if you give that power for more than an instant is burned, so which is not a real measure of the power that the baffle supports, as music is a signal that changes, sometimes more intense, sometimes smoother, the power value that we recommend you pay attention to are the RMS watts (Root Mid Sqared ) Medium square root, is a medium and constant level of power that supports the horn, with 200 watts RMS, they are heard quite strong and are equivalent to 4000w pmpo.


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