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Microflex Wireless

Microflex wireless, more than a system  are the best option for enterprise-scale AV environments.

Microflex Wireless offers elegant solutions for the management of intense and real sound in AV conference environments from custom rooms in companies.

In the current market, several brands focused on the production and distribution of solutions for audio, video and videoconferencing launch to the public a number of options and systems that to some extent offer the same service, some of them come with an additional design or software.

Others simply adapt to a specific need for conference rooms or corporate audio, but at the moment of truth, few brands offer an integral and innovative solution that the companies of the new millennium need for their business.

Knowing the number of needs that today’s companies have and the challenge that this entails when optimizing times and guaranteeing the transmission of information in a clear and high-quality way, Shure presents the Microflex wireless system .

A system which broadens the scope of team resources that audio and video professionals and information technology have, thanks to modern design, authentic sound and controls with a network connection, it is the ideal system for meeting rooms. personalized meetings and audiovisual conference environments that require microphones with discrete and high quality condensers.

Microflex wireless microphone systems deliver modern design and realistic, rich sound in meeting rooms and audio-visual conference environments.

This enterprise-scale platform includes a system of advanced conference products, comprising long-lasting rechargeable transmitters and smart charging stations, discrete wireless access point transceivers and complete software tools for remote adjustment and monitoring of system settings.

Easy to configure and expand, the versatile Microflex wireless solutions are scalable, from group work spaces to networked companies.

All components of the Microflex wireless system are accessible via Ethernet networks with wireless Microflex control software and with third-party controllers such as AMX and Crestron that offer custom interfaces.

For locations where the audiovisual and information technology technical team manages conference solutions that span halls, floors, buildings and campuses, Microflex Wireless offers networkable components that extend the reach and efficiency of technical team resources.

With versatile components, premium audio and complete control, Wireless Microflex brings Shure’s legacy in wireless expertise and professional quality to demanding network conferencing applications.

Among its most important features we have:

Authentic and intense sound:  Microflex microphones perfectly capture the full audio range, allowing communication to be clear and precise.

Dante digital audio networking: this integrated solution transmits low-latency audio without compression through standard Ethernet networks.

Microflex wireless control software : the browser-based comprehensive control software allows you to monitor and control the configuration and status parameters, either through the Web, from a corporate network or from a local audiovisual network. Access the software through the Shure web device discovery application.

Wireless system with encryption: the audio transmission is protected with AES256 encryption, the same security standard used in the most important government applications.

Excellence in wireless systems: The Microflex Wireless Systems incorporate the robust performance and reliability of other Shure wireless systems recognized worldwide.

Reliable audio: Microflex wireless transmitters incorporate the same unique microphone components as the Microflex cable microphones used in conference applications worldwide.

CommShield   technology: all Microflex microphones are manufactured with this patented technology that prevents unwanted radio interference from personal wireless devices .

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