0 Microphone: Total Communication

Microphone: Total Communication

Later we will see a series of gaming headphones. All include a microphone. Why? It is obvious: the micro is a key element in the online game ecosystem . Whether in private or anonymous games, to lead a war squad in ' The Division ' or sending demons to hell in ' Doom ', both available in both PC and next generation ...

0 Microflex Wireless

Microflex Wireless

Microflex wireless, more than a system  are the best option for enterprise-scale AV environments. Microflex Wireless offers elegant solutions for the management of intense and real sound in AV conference environments from custom rooms in companies. In the current market, several brands focused on the production ...

0 Studio Microphones Like Choosing The Best:

Studio Microphones Like Choosing The Best:

Studio microphones, when you want to set up a recording studio either home or for professional recordings, the microphones you are going to use are very important because the microphone is responsible for converting the sounds of the instruments or voices into what will be the final recording. For studies where the ...